Paratransit Vehicles

Freedom Motors USA brings you the most versatile transit vehicle on the market. Our non-emergent transit vehicle is fully crash tested and ADA compliant. It’s unique design allows the patient being transported to remain fully horizontal and safely restrained. It also provides the opportunity to monitor the patient from the side assistant seat.

Reasons to Purchase Stretcher/Wheelchair Transportation:

Cost Savings
  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims resulting from excessive heavy lifting
  • Significant cost reductions for stable non-emergent transports requiring stretcher as compared to the high cost of ambulance use and maintenance.
  • Reduced maintenance and rate of injury using a ramp entrance versus a hydraulic wheelchair lift which can break and drop the patient
  • Less time off for employees resulting from a lifting injury
  • Patient care facilities can change payables into receivables by owning their own paratransit vehicle
Safety and Compliance
  • ADA compliant conversion exceeding all Federal required safety regulations for wheelchairs accessible vehicles
  • AAA Compliant conversion providing up to 100” length lowered floor for stretcher transportation in a Mini Van
  • Vehicle and conversion have passed all Altoona and CARB testing
  • 5 emergency exit points
  • Bariatric capability. Transport individuals weighing up to 515 lbs on a Stretcher with NO LIFTING required! Our specially designed winch allows you to load and unload with ease avoiding potential injuries

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